Oshibi Korean Table Grill Menu

Set Menu £18.45 per set for one person includes:

3 dips / 3 Sides including Kimchi
Lettuce Leaves

Choose any 2 from the following:
Thinly sliced Beef
Thinly sliced Pork
Pork in Spicy Sauce
Bulgogi Marinated Beef
Chicken in Teriyaki Sauce
Mixed Vegetables
Scallop, Squid and Prawns

Customers are welcome to share BBQ sets, extra £3.50 per person.
Extra portions of BBQ ingredients can be ordered for £6.95 each.

Open Your Mouth Wide and Eat "SSAM" - It will bring good luck into your life!


Ⓥ+ - vegan    Ⓥ - vegetarian