Oshibi Korean Table Grill Menu

Set Menu £19.95 per set for one person includes:

3 dips / 3 Sides including Kimchi
Steamed Rice / *Lettuce Leaves

Choose any 2 from the following:
Thinly sliced Beef
Thinly sliced Pork
Pork in Spicy Sauce
Bulgogi Marinated Beef
Chicken in Teriyaki
Mixed Vegetables
Scallop, Squid and Prawns
Galbi Marinated Beef Short Rib (extra £2)

Customers are welcome to share BBQ sets, extra £3.50 per person.
Extra portions of BBQ ingredients can be ordered for £6.95 each, Galbi £8.95.

Open Your Mouth Wide and Eat "SSAM" - It will bring good luck into your life!